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lesson 10 - Lecture 1 Food Labels Quiz 1 Lesson 10 A...

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Lecture 1: Food Labels Lesson 10 Quiz 1 A product can be labeled ‘fat free,’ ‘sugar free,’ or ‘cholesterol free’ and still contain those nutrients. A. True B. False Which of the following terms appearing on a box of cereal would be legally binding? A. USDA organic B. Homemade C. Fresh D. Natural What is the standard calorie level for food package calculations? A. 1500 B. 2000 C. 3000 D. 3500 1. 1990 Nutrition Education and Labeling Act Requires: - Nutrition labeling for most foods (except meat and poultry) - Authorizes nutrient content claims and health claims - Helps the consumer : consistent label format, more health info, food allergens noted 2. 5 Standard Components of a Food Label - Statement of identity- product must prominently display the common or usual name of the product - Net Contents: weight, measure,count, - Nutrition information: nutrition facts panel, size and number of servings, calorie information,ect. - List of ingredients- food preservatives, sweetners, descending order by weight, first listed is the primary. - Information about the manufacturer-: incase customer has questions *Light is a nutrient content claim, for a product that has 1/3 fewer calories 3. Foods Exempt from Labeling -
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lesson 10 - Lecture 1 Food Labels Quiz 1 Lesson 10 A...

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