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Exam 1 Answers Form A - Stat 200 Exam 1 Fall Semester...

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Stat 200 Exam 1 Fall Semester 07 (Sections 9-12) Form A (37 questions/each worth 3 points - so points of extra credit as possible) Name: __________________________ Student Number (last four digits):____________ Fill-in both: your complete 9 digit- Student Number & Test Form on your scantron Put both your name and student number (last 4 digits) on the exam Hand-in both exam and Scranton. Show ID Must have a different colored exam than the person on either side of you. You may not use you a textbook, notes, and calculator, etc. while taking this exam Use with Questions 1-2: Suppose researchers want to determine whether or not taking fish oils decreases the risk of having dementia. Question 1 : The variable: whether or not the person has dementia , is which of the following? A(n)____ A. categorical variable B. explanatory variable C. response variable D. E. both A & C are true Question 2 : Based on how the study could best be designed, if they did indeed find a lower rate for dementia for those who take fish oils, could they conclude that the relationship is “causal”? A. Yes B. No ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Question 3: Which of following is an untrue statement about the standard deviation? The standard deviation ____ A. is an example of a resistant statistic B. roughly represents the average distance of the observed values from the mean C. has an interpretation that is linked to the empirical rule D. is an accurate measure of spread when the data is normal in shape Question 4: When considering 2X2 tables, which of the following is not a factor that contributes to the results being statistically significant. A. a large sample size B. a large difference in the two row percents (individual risks) C. large values for the two row percents (individual risks) Question 5: Which of the following variables not is a binomial? For a random sample of 200 PSU students: A. the number who have tickets for the Wisconsin game B. the number who prefer to pay with “plastic” when making purchases C. the number of visits to Pattee Library during a semester D. the number who own an iPod Question 6: For a large sample of IQ scores the mean is 100 and the standard deviation is 10. Assuming the data forms a normal curve, which of the following intervals best represents the minimum to the maximum IQ score for this sample? A. 90 to 110 B. 80 to 120 C. 70 to 130 D. 0 to 200 Question 7: Which of the following statements is untrue ? A statistic ________ A. is also called a sample estimate B. does vary in value from sample to sample C. has a sampling distribution D. is a numerical summary (descriptive) of a population 1
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Use with Questions 8-13. A regression equation that describes the relationship between time spent writing a paper (x) in hours and length of paper (y) in pages is found below. time
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Exam 1 Answers Form A - Stat 200 Exam 1 Fall Semester...

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