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Psych study guide - Psychology 1001- Exam 1 study guide:...

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Psychology 1001- Exam 1 study guide: History and Scope of Psychology: Roots : Aristotle- a naturalist/philosopher/theorized Suggested the soul and body are not separate and that knowledge is experienced. French Physician Franz Josef Gall—developed Phrenology Specific mental abilities are located in the specific regions of the brain based on the bumps on your head. Psychology—originally defined as the science of mental health Chain of interest:: Biology + Philosophy Wundt- “Introspection”; Freud “Unconscious Processes” Watson & Skinner-“Behaviorism” Rogers & Maslow “Humanism” Cognitive Neuroscience! Introspection —conscious processes Unconscious Processes - Freud (MD), drives all humans have, people are who they are b/c of instinctual drives. ** Today’s Clinical Psych not largely based on Freud’s ideas/methods** Behaviorism how people behave you can determine mental processes. Humanism - Rogers & Maslow, Positive aspect of humans, affections, etc. Cognitive Neuroscience - How structure/function of brain alter/affect our behavior fMRI study: Novice and professional piano players were scanned as they made complex finger movements for piano playing. Results showed professional players have less activity in the those parts of the brain that guide finger movements. Used fMRI to tract blood flow in brain, glucose requirements.
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Psych study guide - Psychology 1001- Exam 1 study guide:...

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