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sociology hw1

sociology hw1 - he pay attention to his/her teammate’s...

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1. The two macro-level approaches (structural-functional and social-conflict) take on a broader aspect of sociology. In other words, while the structural-functional and social- conflict views the important functions, social aspects, dysfunctional consequences, and even inequalities, the one micro-level approach, symbolic-interaction, focuses on the social interaction in a specific situation, such as players on the field during a football game. 2. Three questions: a. Is it right for colleges to accept students based more on their athletic abilities, instead of their academic abilities? b. Should there be a women’s NFL or NHL league, just like there is the WNBA and a women’s soccer league? c. As a player on a team, should an individual just focus on his assigned role, or should
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Unformatted text preview: he pay attention to his/her teammate’s positions? 3. Applying these approaches in the workplace: a. If I’m the boss of a company, I would not only hire somebody for their resume, a person only looks so good on paper. Bosses should interview people and get a sense of the person before hiring somebody. b. Women should get paid just as much as men for doing the exact same work with the same effort. c. A person should take into account the other workers around him/her to make sure that they’re doing their jobs correctly or else the system (company) will fall apart. It is important for people to look out for their co-workers, and teamwork is important in a business....
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