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Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System Who might be discriminated against? - Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Socioeconomic status, Attractiveness Opportunities to Discriminate - Law : White-collar crime, crack cocaine - Police : Police expenditures (racial threat), deployment patterns, stops, incivility, arrest, brutality, deadly force - Prosecution : Bail, charging, plea bargaining, legal council, jury selection, conviction, sentencing, capital punishment - Prison : Parole, treatment programs Why do people discriminate? - Stereotypes – generalizations about groups - What leads to stereotyping? (Generalizations about groups) Prejudice – Negative attitudes about group Statistical discrimination - Actual group differences A focus on group differences that is not rooted in prejudice. - How do determine which? Do people from that discriminate? - Do stereotypes exaggerate group difference? Double Standards - Often exist between different groups Ex: A Jew may make jokes about gentiles but gentiles may not make jokes about Jews. If a gentile makes a joke about a Jew it is often mistaken for a form of discrimination. - Also applies to gender and race. Methods for examining discrimination - Group differences in behavior makes it difficult to examine groups without stereotyping or discriminating. - Controlling legally relevant variables It is difficult in examining discrimination to control for all legally relevant variables (those which may affect sentencing) - Control for characteristics of victim It is also necessary to control for the characteristics of the victims. It is necessary to examine the race and behavior of the victim, however it is difficult to control because victims vary so widely. - Experimental vs. Correlational research Research - Racial Profiling By Police Motor vehicle stops of blacks result in fewer findings of contraband than motor vehicle stops of other races. Evidence is not as clear as it may seem.
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Ex: Are blacks driving at higher rates of speed which result in them being stopped more often? Or is it really racial profiling? - Race and Sentencing Race and Capital Punishment Do blacks more often receive the death penalty because they are black? Are black punishments worse than those punishments imposed on other races? Is the differential treatment based on the race of the offender or the race of the victim ? Would a black receive a more sever penalty for murdering a white man than he would for murdering another black man? Controlling for all relevant differences This is why we must control for all relevant variables to determine what is really going on in these matters, and this as you can see is a very difficult task. We have no answers to these questions at the time. -
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Study Guide Exam 2 - Discrimination in the Criminal Justice...

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