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Study Guide Exam 3

Study Guide Exam 3 - Sexual Assault Conventional Wisdom...

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Sexual Assault Conventional Wisdom - Frequent, but hidden, because its underreported - Power motivated not sexually motivated - We tolerate it, blame the victim, and treat offenders leniently – Double standard Frequency and the Ambiguity of Sexual Assault Involving Acquaintance - 9% of college women said they had engaged in sexual intercourse “because a mean threatened or used some degree of physical force (twisting your arm, holding you down, etc) to make you (since age 14) (study by MS Magazine) - Using broad definitions to get big numbers: including “continual arguments and pressure” and getting someone drunk. What is happening during the incident? - 70 – 80% of “victims” of acquaintance rape say it was not rape. - 50% attributed it to miscommunication (20% of stranger incidents. - Token resistance: 68.5% of college women said no when they meant maybe – Don’t wanna be teased. Changed mind. - 90% of men and women reported they had engaged in unwanted sex - Both offenders and victims are drinking at the time Motives for Sexual Assault - Outcomes of sexual assault: Sexual compliance, Domination, Harm, Thrills - Question of motive: Which is the gal, which are incidental? - Contingent threats of violence or bodily force – Similar to robbery Acquaintance rape – More likely to involve bodily force Stranger rape – More likely to involve contingent threats - Compare to robbery Sex vs. Money - Some are grievance related or predatory crimes Revenge, got turned down so punish with sex - Mixed cases: Perhaps harm doing or dominance is sexually arousing? ******In general, rapists don’t have preface for violence, but they are willing to do it Evidence for Sexual Motivation - Strong gender differences in sexual selectivity Males In Stalls. Women Don’t - Some men with sexual partners still pursue other sexual outlets - Men with high sexual aspirations are more likely to commit rape Men who masturbate a lot are more likely to commit rape - Men prefer young women as victims. - Most rapists don’t prefer forced sex, but don’t mind it (Arousal studies) - Most acquaintance rape occurs during consensual sexual activity. - Acquaintance rapists use persuasion first – Prefer consensual sex. - Offender’s violence tends to be tactical not gratuitous. - Castration is a deterrent.
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Rapists as Criminals - Rapists tend to be versatile offenders, not specialists Criminals – Also do other crimes (against men) - Rapists and other criminal offenders have similar attitudes toward women - Selfish not sexist? - But sex offenders are more likely to have been sexually abused than other offenders Not physically abused though Reporting of Sexual vs. Physical Assault - Sexual assaults are less likely to be reported (16% vs 25%) - Higher percentage if you focus on more serious crime. -
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Study Guide Exam 3 - Sexual Assault Conventional Wisdom...

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