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5.60/20.110: Thermodynamics and Kinetics Fall 2008 Solutions to Problem Set #1 1. Identifying boundary conditions: a. Based on the given information, one could state the system is closed : the sealed Petri dish prevents exchange of matter with the surroundings, while heat is able to cross the boundary. However, in reality, the Petri dish is not absolutely sealed: some gas exchange is permitted. (CO2 present in the incubator dissolves into the culture medium and helps to maintain the pH of the culture medium.) In the latter view, the system is open . b. The living cell is an open system. It is able to exchange matter (for example, nutrients and excrements) with its surroundings and exchanges heat with its surroundings. c. The seal prevents the exchange of matter. The problem also specifies that the flask is thermally insulated: the system is isolated . d. As in the cell of part (b), exchange of matter is possible through the boundary of the egg. As suggested by the description, it can also reach thermal equilibrium with the surroundings. The
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