Exam 1 Review - Be familiar with the questions from the...

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Unformatted text preview: Be familiar with the questions from the notes. From the articles, know the main principle as related to its author.- If the argument by Edelstein is correct then: it is difficult to reach optimistic conclusions about the continuing US led occupation of Iraq.- Lemke argues that power transition is consistent with both Long Peace and the Cold Wars relatively peaceful end.- Kang, bandwagoning: Argues that realists have been getting Asia Wrong with respect to two main issues: Asian states appear to be following this foreign policy strategy with respect to China. Lots of history- The Smoot Hawley Act exacerbated the stock market crash of 1992 by: dramatically increasing US import duties and closing off the US market from industrial imports.- The foreign policy of containment was devised by Kennan, and the USA and adopted following WWII and it was aimed at halting the expansion of the Soviet Union.- Detent: The name given to the period characterized by the relaxation of tension between the US and the USSR typified by the SALT negotiations.- The Civil War in the Peoples Republic of China which ended in 1949 involved fighting between the communists led by Mao Zedong and the nationalists led by Chiang Kai Shek. Why do we call international relations world politics?- We call international relations world politics because nations or nation states are not the only actors in world politics. Emergence of the discipline of World Politics- Intellectual discipline of world politics emerged after WWI Know dominant paradigm in world politics Realism- Know its roots in classical theorists. Prominent differences between realism and neorealism Historical development of realism- Realism emerged prior to World War II, and since the work of EH Carr (1929) it has dominated world politics. History of realism Who coined the term, How it emerges, How it transforms, and the major Scholars.- For realists power is to politics what wealth is to economics. Balance of power and critique within realism of balance of power Authors.- For realists, stability in the global system is provided by balance of power. Know neorealism and orientation of Waltz.- Instead of relying on human nature to explain world politics, neorealists emphasize the role of system structure.- System structure is determined by: 1. The ordering principle. 2. Differentiation of the units. 3. Distribution of capabilities.- Waltz founded neorealism.- Flaw: Does not adequately explain change in the system. Emergence of realism- Carr coined the term.- Q: If idealism died as a result of Hitlers blitzkrieg, one could assert that classical realism died as a result of the outcome of the Vietnam War....
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Exam 1 Review - Be familiar with the questions from the...

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