A Trouble With Romance

A Trouble With Romance - Yanari 1 Brandon Yanari Asian...

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Yanari 1 Brandon Yanari Asian American Studies R2B Anna Leong and Janey Lew 7 February 2007 The Trouble With Romance Film Screening As the title suggests, “The Trouble With Romance,” is a movie directed by Gene Rhee to show an audience various messages on love. Another objective for the director was to put out an entertaining movie with what little money he had, or so he said. Rhee also mentioned that he added some personal experiences from him and his colleagues when creating the film, so another goal may have been to share these with the world. Yet, from his replies that, “Love can suck or make one happy,” the movie seemed to revolve around different couples dealing with romance. Director Gene Rhee made this movie entertaining. The stories were split into four hotel rooms, which made it seem like it was not really that long, thus taking the possibility of boredom away. He also used many humorous events and lines in these separate stories. For example, in the third story with the Asian couple, many found it funny when the boyfriend dumped on the picture of his girlfriend after she dumped him. Also, the whole conversation regarding the girlfriend as the boyfriend’s “Sixers” and referring to the good-looking redhead as Michael Jordan was quite amusing to listen to. There were also a couple gay jokes in that story such as when the two friends were told to not “come out of the closest” while they were in a provocative position, which added to the humor and overall entertainment. Even though Rhee did not explicitly say he wanted the audience to take away messages
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A Trouble With Romance - Yanari 1 Brandon Yanari Asian...

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