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C R Lee Short Response

C R Lee Short Response - Brandon Yanari Asian American...

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Brandon Yanari Asian American Studies R2B Anna Leong and Janey Lew 28 February 2008 Short Response: Chang-rae Lee A Gesture Life Questions: Would you consider Franklin a good father? Why do both Sunny and Franklin seem so unemotional? Was there really love between Franklin and K? Franklin and Sunny? Franklin and Mary? Franklin and Mrs. Hickey? Why does Doc Hata finally decide to sell his house…is it to pay for his doings in the end? Is duty and responsibility more important than love and desire? Overall theme: War takes away good morals and replaces them with strict rules and immoral conduct. Passage: ‘“But I am not,” I tell her, practically arguing with her. “I am not at all. I’m simply excited for you both.” And though the implication is that I am the sort who is always careful and preparing, I think that’s not right, either; in fact I feel I have not really been living anywhere or anytime, not for the future and not in the past and not at all of-the- moment, but rather in the lonely dream of an oblivion, the nothing-of-nothing drift from one pulse beat to the next, which is really the most bloodless marking-out, automatic and involuntary’ (Lee 320).
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