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AAS R2B: Section Spring 2008 GSI: Janey Lew [email protected] Snowball observations, questions On Dreaming in Cuban By Section 4-5pm The bond between Ivanito and Felicia at times seemed to border on Freudian, more specifically, the Oedipus complex. This story introduces women characters to be strong characters, yet also tragic. What is the author trying to say about women or Cuban women and what does it imply about men? What causes Felicia to be so detached from the rest of the family? Why is a happy marriage so difficult to achieve (in the novel)? The epigraphy by Wallace Stevens that opens the novel is interesting. What is mean to “exfoliations” and what does this have to do with “resemblances”? How does this relate back to Dreaming in Cuban? What does the title Dreaming in Cuban mean? What do you think about the mother-daughter relationships? Is Felicia crazy? Why does the author use the first-person when narrating the third generation del
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Unformatted text preview: Pinos and the third person when narrating the first and second general del Pinos? Why is Herminia the only exception to this? • Where do you draw the line between magical reliams and insanity? • What is the significance of music in Dreaming oin Cuban? • Before Lourdes was born, Celia wished for a boy “who could make his way into the world.” This implies that gender roles are evidence since they have fewer restrictions put on them by society. • Eggs and eggshells are mentioned quite often within the text, and I am still not sure if they are significant. • For whatever reason, daughters often find it hard to understand their mother’s actions/ decisions. • Dreaming in Cuban shows that family relationships can be tortured by physical separation and misunderstanding. • There are some sexual undertones to the book, especially regarding Felicia. She has a sexual fantasy with El Lider in at and also she used to be an “escort”....
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