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Sky Lee Short Response - Brandon Yanari Asian American...

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Brandon Yanari Asian American Studies R2B Anna Leong and Janey Lew 29 April 2008 Short Response: Sky Lee Disappearing Moon Cafe Questions: What is the significance of having so many women roles as main characters in the novel? With the situation of Mui Lan wanting Fong Mei to raise a child that is not hers, which is more important, tradition and raising a family or morals? Why are whites referred to as “ghosts” throughout the novel? Overall theme: Secrets revealed lead to unhappiness and a separation of those that they deal with. In order to be free, one must break away from traditions and sometimes family. Passage: “I wonder. Maybe this is a Chinese-in-Canada trait, a part of the great wall of silence and invisibility we have built around us. I have a misgiving that the telling of our history is forbidden. I have violated a secret code. There is power in silence, as this is the way we have always maintained strict control against the more disturbing aspects in our human nature. But what about speaking out for a change, despite its unpredictable impact! The power of language is that it can be manipulated beyond our control, towards misunderstanding. But then again, the power of language is also in its simple honesty” (Lee 242). Brief Interpretation:
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Sky Lee Short Response - Brandon Yanari Asian American...

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