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AAinterviewQuestionssss - To ask Alcoholics Anonymous...

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To ask recovering alcoholic: At what age did you start drinking? Why did you start drinking? When did you realize you were an alcoholic? What motivated you to attend AA meetings? When did you stop drinking? How did you stop drinking? Do you worry about being tempted to drink again? Do you avoid social events due to the pressure of drinking? Were your parents (or grandparents) alcoholics? Do you believe alcoholism is hereditary? Have you been tempted to have just one more drink? How has this affected your family? Do you have kids? How has your drinking affected them? Can you control yourself and have just one drink? Do you believe in the saying “once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic”? Has the AA community become your only social environment?
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Unformatted text preview: To ask Alcoholics Anonymous representative: How long have you been doing this? Why did you start/get involved? What is the most effective part of your treatment? Do the majority of people return consistently? How many students from Cal Poly? Cuesta? What is the affiliation's main vision/goal? What are the common demographics of people who come to get treated? What does this cost you and/or the client? Do you believe someone can no longer be an alcoholic and still have a single drink sometimes or is complete sobriety necessary? http://www.aa-uk.org.uk/alcoholics-anonymous-reviews/2008/04/interview-with-recovering-alcoholic.html...
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AAinterviewQuestionssss - To ask Alcoholics Anonymous...

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