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Argumentative Essay Prospectus 1. I chose the topic of binge drinking in college students because not only do I witness it first hand quite often, but I also have been a part of it as well. I feel that there are a few prominent reasons that college students end up binge drinking and that there may be a way to minimize the amount of this that takes place, even though you will never be able to completely eradicate college binge drinking. By researching this topic, I plan on gaining a greater understanding of the majority of students' reasoning behind binge drinking: whether it is because of the easy access to alcohol, because they want to experiment with new things that they were never able to do under their parents supervision, or because they are attending college and there is a stereotype that college students go party and become belligerently drunk. I believe it is a combination of all of these factors, but that the majority of students binge drink because it is “what they are supposed to do” and due to peer pressure. 2. I have personal experience with this topic. I feel that I will have a strong opinion on the topic after doing some research which will hopefully lead to an essay that is enjoyable to write and full of strong points. 3. I do not know any facts about binge drinking in college students, but I am sure there
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argumentativeProspectusssss - Argumentative Essay...

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