drink2getdrunkkkk - 1 Drink to get drunk? As you wake up,...

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1 Drink to get drunk? As you wake up, you realize you feel like crap. You try to think about what you did last night; why you might be feeling like this. Instead of remembering that you ate dinner at some new sketchy mexican restaurant, you remember going to a friend's house and drinking but don't remember anything after that last drink. The majority of college students have experienced this unpleasant feeling at least once, often multiple times. In Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood by Koren Zailckas, Koren describes her college life experiences, all of which include binge drinking and getting trashed; the most prominent being her first black out. Koren had been partying out on a dock with friends, and not realizing how much she had already consumed, ended up drinking herself into oblivion. Had her friends not noticed she was passed out in her own vomit and rushed her to the hospital, it is very likely she would have died. It is this kind of event that happens far too often which leads me to believe that we need to work on decreasing the amount of binge drinking that takes place as well as promoting drinking responsibly. Drinking is no doubt a large part of today's college life. When watching movies like Animal House, you may think that the wild partying that takes place is simply part of a movie, and it's just Hollywood; movies aren't real. In this specific instance, it's not just Hollywood; the normal college campus life is very similar to what is portrayed in the movies. In Current Controversies: Alcoholism, J.J. Thompson states that “students now encounter college cultures in which drinking is not only common
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2 but is done mainly to get drunk.” Binge drinking is “defined as five or more drinks for a man at any one time within a two-week period, four or more drinks for a woman.” It is not very uncommon at all for this amount of drinking to be exceeded by college students any time they go out to party; I would actually say it is the norm to binge drink if you are going partying. Decreasing the amount and intensity of binge drinking in college students would be beneficial to student's and society's future due
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drink2getdrunkkkk - 1 Drink to get drunk? As you wake up,...

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