Illness Behavior

Illness Behavior - Illness Behavior I. Illness Behavior:...

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Illness Behavior I. Illness Behavior: Recognition of Illness and the Seeking of Health Services A. Conventional Beliefs About Symptoms and Help Seeking 1. People think that symptoms are rare a. In reality, they're VERY common in our lives 1. Detroit Area Study did a study measuring how many days people had symptoms a. 43% of the days for women b. 31% of the days for men 1. Most common symptoms a. Respiratory b. Musculoskeletal A. Empirical Reality 1. Frequency of Symptoms - very frequent 2. Variations in Help Seeking or Illness Behavior a. When people have symptoms, some self-treat, some go to the doctor, some do nothing b. "Sick" not seeking care a. 1/2 of people who think they're not sick are deemed to need medical care by physicians a. "Well" seeking care a. Nothing the physician can do about their problems (like a cold) b. 1/3 of people are "well" seeking care II. Factors in Illness Behavior A. Socio-Cultural Background 1. Ethnomedical Systems: The Hmong and Biomedical Understanding (Fadiman, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down ) i.Social and cultural beliefs affect approach to health ii. Epilepsy 1. Associated with being a Shaman (the medical healers go into a trance and have similar seizures) 2. Associated with living a life without a soul i.Differences 1. approach to the placenta 2. Approach to giving blood 3. View of the hospital 1. Hmong: Place of death, patrolled by the spirits of the dead, place of cruelty, last resort 4. Physician and nurse treatments 1. Hmong resent the treatment they receive 5. Txiv Neeb vs. Doctor 1. Txiv Need does not touch the patients, be intrusive, ask
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Illness Behavior - Illness Behavior I. Illness Behavior:...

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