Social Etiology and Illness Behavior

Social Etiology and Illness Behavior - Social Etiology and...

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Unformatted text preview: Social Etiology and I llness Behavior Epidemiology and Social Etiology I. Epidemiology, Sociology and Social Etiology A. Epidemiology 1. Rates a. Rates of disease and disability 2. Distribution of Disease in Populations: Not just how many people have it, but who? a. Surveillance • Tracking diseases • Rates of new cases, populations that a disease affects • Monitor if conditions are getting better or worse b. Causal Attribution • Look for clues to the cause c. Illustration: John Snow • The first person to apply epidemiology publically • Observed that people who drank the water from a certain pump on Broad Street during a cholera epidemic were more likely to die of cholera than others • Took of the pump handle and stopped the epidemic • Introduced anesthetics A. Attributing Causes or Disease Etiology 1. Case Definition: how do you know that you have a case of something? a. Is someone who gets breast cancer, gets a mastectomy, goes into remission, but then gets it again 5 years later, is this a 2 cases or 1? b. Is someone that gets breast cancer that then metastasizes to the bones, is this a case of bone cancer or not? c. How depressed do you have to be to be depressed? d. AIDS: there is an official guideline for diagnosing AIDS cases. 2. How to Count a. Incidence : rate of new occurrences b. Prevalence: number of existing cases c. T reated Incidence or T reated Prevalence : • Not everyone seeks medical attention or has access d. "True" Prevalence or "True" I ncidence • Surveys e. Some disease have to be reported to the state health...
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Social Etiology and Illness Behavior - Social Etiology and...

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