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Lect Notes Wk 01 - What are we watching TV on? • TV as a...

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1/16/08 Lecture Notes Week 1 Introduction to Television Taking TV Seriously: Media Literacy and TV Criticism What is TV? How does it exist? What are we watching? What experience do we get from watching TV? What Makes TV Distinct From Other Media? Includes commercials Episodic, with bits of endings, but is continuous for a while Can be live Can end (be cancelled), but not end in story (conclude) Always available (at home) TV vs. Film 1 episode of “America’s Got Talent” had 14 million viewers. The same opening weekend of Superbad , for example, brought in $18 million = 3 million viewers. Taking TV Seriously TV as an Art Form o Aesthetic components o Forms and conventions Structure Programming TV as a Technology o The evolution of the medium
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Unformatted text preview: What are we watching TV on? • TV as a Business o As a commercial enterprise – its main purpose is to advertise and sell products to viewers. • Television as a Profession o Television as a craft o Guilds and labor unions o Professional convergence • TV and the Public Interest o Balanced coverage o Diversity of programming o Intended to serve the public good (TV’s original & main purpose) • TV as a Cultural Forum o Millions of people will have things in common and to talk about when they all see the same thing on TV • TV as Ideology o How does it replicate and define social structures? Power? o How does it define identity? • TV as a Political Forum • TV as Entertainment...
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Lect Notes Wk 01 - What are we watching TV on? • TV as a...

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