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Lect Notes Wk 04 - 2/6/08 Week 4 Lecture Notes *Final Exam...

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2/6/08 Week 4 Lecture Notes **Final Exam is switching and is now 4:30 to 6:30 TV Reception: At Home and Beyond Currently, 1 in 5 homes have a DVR. Two years ago, 1 in 13 homes had a DVR ** WHAT we are watching & WHERE we are watching it are BOTH very important! Social and Spatial Operations of the TV Set Who is TV talking to—and how does TV imagine you are watching?? Who controls the television set? Who is in power? We need to think about the television set itself, rather than the image shown on it. Part of the rhythms Things that were once extraordinary are now ordinary The physical space of television Our relationship to the screen itself the dimensions of the set Where does it sit? Sites of reception, subjects of reception The Remote Control ONE person has power and control of the television w/o having to get up from the couch. Brings about convenience and comfort People have been “muting” or turning off commercials since the ‘60s, not just since TiVo. Advertisements for remote control shows the Man in control watching a Woman on tv. TV is Everywhere Spectatorship – the experience of viewership. WHERE do we see television sets and are people paying attention very attentively or just hearing/seeing bits and pieces? As a shopper, a consumer, a tourist, a commuter Some see TV as benign We barely notice because it is so integrated into environment
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When something bad happens in the world (Columbine), people often blame TV. Some see TV as source of evil Corrupting children, corroding our minds An agent in our cultural decline But it is not that simple Try to get away from good/bad dichotomies It’s not just WHERE the television set is, it’s how it’s positioned w/in a room. Set into
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Lect Notes Wk 04 - 2/6/08 Week 4 Lecture Notes *Final Exam...

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