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Lect Notes Wk 08 - 3/5/08 Week 8 Lecture Notes News &...

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3/5/08 Week 8 Lecture Notes How has TV been employed within the political process? Create spectacle Lend drama, intimacy Define and shape presidential communication Explain issues/events--within proscribed ideological boundaries Expand/retract those boundaries Define Americanism via politics 1952 Election: Eisenhower vs. Stevenson First use of TV for image, spots Checkers Speech Party-based → Candidate-based Selling the President as a consumer product o Rosser Reeves and the Hard Sell Candidates can’t control what real news is and tells the public about the candidates, but the candidate controlled the image that they presented to the American people through their 30 second, candidate as a product, commercials. Made TV a central feature of all presidential decisions….for better or worse Nixon was first to “humanize” politics b/c of his Checkers (dog) speech. Politics in the 1950s after Eisenhower became President Socially : Baby boom, prosperity, Politically : The Red Scare (enormous threat of communist), The Manhattan Project Senator McCarthy begins his witch hunts, which affect ppl working in TV o Anti-communist book published at the height of The Red Scare, The Red Channels was a report about the communist influence on television and radio, and it named 150 people who might have communist thought. **The Red Scare greatly affected TV!
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Lect Notes Wk 08 - 3/5/08 Week 8 Lecture Notes News &...

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