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4/13/08 Lecture Notes Wk 12 (?) Screenings : “Miami Vice”, “PeeWee’s Playhouse”, and “Freaks and Geeks”. “Peewee’s Playhouse” – very materialistic with always showing toys and the things that Peewee has. Teaches superficiality (only adult female character in the episode constantly brought up how gorgeous and perfect her hair is) “Freaks and Geeks” – created in 1999, but was set in the ‘80s, which paved the way for “That ‘70s Show” in terms of playing with time on screen. “Miami Vice” – laughable nowadays because so many of its elements are dated such as flashy clothes, slow camera cuts, few songs, etc. The ‘80s had shows that were flashy and whatnot JUST to get viewership The ‘90s’ shows became much more substantive and somewhat meaningful (“7 th Heaven”) Now in the 2000’s shows are being just like those in the ‘80s (“CSI: Miami”) Writers and producers are considered the authors for television shows o However, I argue that the authors of a television show can change throughout the
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Unformatted text preview: series b/c the show can evolve into a much different than originally planned show. For example, an actor might take off with his role, and then the writers may turn the series a different direction than the producer or writers may have initially imagined (“The Office” with Steve Carol – JUST an actor). • For films, the writer and director are considered the authors. If I want to talk about writing my Paper #2 (due April 30) with my T/A, her office hours are Monday at the critical studies TA lounge (above the copy house in b/w the dental school & the health center). Go in the first door on the left to go upstairs. TA Quote of the Day: “Okay let’s discuss. Who’s done the readings? … … … Come on, guys, it’s statistically impossible for NOBODY to have done the readings!” --Class--“noooo, I think it’s pretty statistically LIKELY that nobody’s done the readings”...
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