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Lect Notes Wk 13

Lect Notes Wk 13 - Lecture Notes Week 13 Duopoly...

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4/16/08 Lecture Notes Week 13 Duopoly Narratives (guest speaker, TA Josh) Duopoly Narratives – create linkage between 2 products a Coca-Cola commercial actually is also somewhat of an ad for Pepsi, b/c the underlying message that the consumer gets is that they should drink soda. 5 Approaches Used to Sell a Product sex appeal lifestyle merits of products comedic/nostalgic entertainment spokesperson for the product *Ultimately, the consumer CHOOSES what he/she wants. The second place product is almost exclusively the one who makes these “ us vs. our competitor ” ads. Network Branding Early TV Networks 3-Network Oligopoly o Highly centralized network control o Vertical integration similar to Hollywood studios before 1947 Commercially supported format ---CBS was the “tiffany network” b/c ppl recognized it as the best to work for 3-Network Hegemony Starts in 1963 Each vying for the top spot ABC becomes #1 network for 1 st
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