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Lect Notes 10-07-08 - Lecture Notes The New Testament The...

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Lecture Notes 10/7/08 The New Testament The New Testament is a collection of 27 individual writings: o 4 gospels o 21 writings 14 associated with apostle Paul 7 associated w/ various others o 1 history o 1 revelation/apocalypse Earliest writing: 1st Thessalonians (written in 50 A.D.) Most recent writing: 2nd Peter (125 A.D.) We are going to relate the writings to their world; historical grammatical analysis. The belief that grounds Christianity: “Our lives have meaning b/c they’re taken up into the eternal life by and with God.” Beginning of Christianity Begins in Polis of Jerusalem in 30 A.D. during the Festival of Pentecost (“Pentecost” means “50”) – occurred 50 days after Passover (Jesus’ death) Book of Axe ” – best historical source for our yrs of Christianity. o A secondary source b/c it was written in 80 A.D., 50 yrs later. o Written by same person who wrote Gospel of Luke. o Begins w/ disciples reconstituting themselves after Jesus’ death in what eventually becomes known as Christianity. o They came up w/ the 5 Characteristics of Christianity : 1. Feeling of Expectation – that Jesus will return the same way he left (through the clouds) 2. Ideal Community Friends o have things in common o Spend all their time together o Eat together o Share w/ one another Simple Living –were content w/ what they had & lived simplistically (i.e.
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Lect Notes 10-07-08 - Lecture Notes The New Testament The...

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