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1. Sanchi a. Process i. Wood? ii. Adobe brick b. Pradakshani c. Stupas = reliquary i. Ash, bones, clothe, jewels associated with disciples and followers of Buddha d. Location i. Established by emperor Asoka 235 BC ii. Birthplace of Asoka iii. Battle of Kalinga 1. King Asoka's conversion happens after he established his empire and saw all of the deaths which happened e. Buddha requested to be divided into 84,000 pieces when he died i. Disciples carried those pieces into 84,000 different locations and then Stupas were placed over his remains to protect them f. Architecture i. Stone foundation = plinth ii. Harmikha = atop the dome iii. Yasti = whole which sticks up from the Harmika
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Unformatted text preview: iv. Chatrya = 3 Disks = 3 treasures of Buddha v. No openings vi. Pilgrim entrance at the south g. Stupa I i. No relics h. Graduated Sanctity 2. Buddha/Buddhism = "wise one" a. Siddhartha Gautama i. 562/3 - 483 BC ii. Napal (Kapila-vastu) iii. "Enlightenment" Experience 1. Sakyamuni (Sakya = Clan of which the Gautama family was apart of) 2. Bodhigaya - Village where Siddhartha had his enlightenment experience b. 4 Noble Truths c. 8-Fold Path d. Dharma 3. Random a. Anthropomorphism - giving human shape or form to non-human items b. Isomorphism - the building is the body...
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