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1. Themes a. Architecture as a Relationship i. People/building ii. Building/nature-cosmos iii. Alignment/orientation b. Architecture as a Process i. Sequence ii. Change c. Basic Patterns i. Diachronic 2. Importance a. Place b. Buildings c. Cultural d. 51 degrees North latitude 3. Phase 1 a. Aubrey holes (56) b. Ditch/embankment c. Heel Stone i. NE opening/approach circular design ii. Menhir - single upright standing stone d. Station areas i. Barrows stones e. 3000 - 2100 BC
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Unformatted text preview: f. Windmill Hill Culture g. Orientation/alignment i. Solar/lunar ii. Predict solstice, eclipse and equinox 4. 18.6 years a. Saros cycle b. Eclipse cycle 5. Phase II a. 2150 - 2000 BC b. Aubrey holes, filled c. Double-circle (bluestone) not completed d. Entrance widened e. Extension of apporach f. Emphasis of NE and Axon River 6. Phase III a. 2000 - 1700 BC b. Wessek Culture...
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