Thermo Review Key - CH 302 Spring 2008 Worksheet 1 Answer...

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CH 302 Spring 200 8 Worksheet 1 Answer Key A potpourri of thermo questions to get your mind reengaged. (Questions 1-6) Match the correct term for each question given below. You will only use an answer once, but not all the answers will be used. Word Bank: Standard enthalpy change enthalpy of formation bond enthalpy bond order bond energy heat capacity thermochemical standard state thermodynamics state functions equilibrium empirical state 1. Parameters that define the current state of a chemical system state functions 2. Δ H when reactants in standard states are converted to products in standard states. standard enthalpy change 3. The study of energy change in chemical systems. thermodynamics 4. The energy necessary to break one mole of bonds in a gaseous substance. bond energy 5. The most stable state of a substance under standard pressure and temperature. thermochemical standard state 6. The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of an object one degree C. heat capacity 7. Which of the following is a correct statement correct concerning the Second Law of Thermodynamics? A. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. B. The entropy in the universe is conserved. C. The entropy in a system increases in the phase change from liquid to gas.
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Thermo Review Key - CH 302 Spring 2008 Worksheet 1 Answer...

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