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Chapter 13 (word)

Chapter 13 (word) - Chapter 13-Contemporary Leadership...

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Chapter 13-Contemporary Leadership Theories (8 questions) Charismatic Leadership Charismatic Leadership Theory: - Followers make attributions of heroic or extraordinary leadership abilities when they observe certain behaviors. -Robert House, who also created Path-Goal Theory Research shows that charismatic leadership can lead to high performance and job satisfaction for followers Charismatic Leaders: 1.Have a vision 2.Are willing to take personal risks to achieve the vision 3.Are sensitive to follower needs 4.Exhibit behaviors that are out of the ordinary Key Characteristics of Charismatic Leaders: 1.Vision and articulation. Has a vision—expressed as an idealized goal—that proposes a future better than the status quo; and is able to clarify the importance of the vision in terms that are understandable to others. 2.Personal risk. Willing to take on high personal risk, incur high costs and engage in self-sacrifice to achieve the vision. 3.Environmental sensitivity. Able to make realistic assessments of the environmental constraints and resources needed to bring about change. 4.Sensitivity to follower needs. Perceptive of others’ abilities and responsive to their needs and feelings. 5.Unconventional behavior. Engages in behaviors that are perceived as novel and counter to norms. Beyond Charismatic Leaders: Level 5 Leaders: –Possess a fifth dimension—a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will—in addition to the four basic leadership qualities of individual capability, team skills, managerial competence, and the ability to stimulate others to high performance. –Channel their ego needs away from themselves and into the goal of building a great company.   This shows that leaders don’t necessarily have to be charismatic to be effective Problems With Charismatic Leaders: -Have so much power to influence others; it could be turned into a negative influence -Hitler
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Good leaders can be charismatic as long as they are seeking an appropriate action Framing -Using words to shape meaning and inspire others -A way to use language to manage meaning. -MLK did this for civil rights in a way so others could see it the way he saw it
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Chapter 13 (word) - Chapter 13-Contemporary Leadership...

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