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Chapter 15 (word)

Chapter 15 (word) - Chapter 15 Conflict Management(9...

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Chapter 15- Conflict Management (9 questions) The Four “Ps” of Conflict Management -Problems -Perceptions and emotions -Principles -Processes Problems: -What we fight about -Expectations for self and others -Establishing expectations -Unfulfilled expectations -Infringement or encroachment -Resources -Personality clash or feud -Someone else’s fight -Difference of opinion -Inappropriate, impermissible, illegal behavior Observations About Problems: A. Conflicts occur all the time B. Conflicts are not reserved for a selected few C. Conflicts differ on many dimensions D. Resolving conflicts depends on their complexity and size Perceptions and Emotions: -Anger -Fear -Mistrust -Frustration, tension -Hostility -Destructiveness -Disruptiveness -Stereotypes--”Good” and “Bad” Principles (at stake): -Efficiency -Effectiveness -Quality -Precedent -Process and outcomes are fair -Parties like or dislike each other -Parties are satisfied with the process or outcome -Egos are protected -“Winners” and “losers” are created or minimized
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The Four “Ps” of Conflict Management (continued) Processes (How we handle disputes): Intervene Ourselves--”Style” -Contending -Avoiding -Compromising -Accommodating -Collaborating Find a Third Party -When individuals or groups are unable to resolve their differences through direct negotiations 1. Arbitrator 2. Mediator 3. Conciliator 4. Consultant Arbitrator -A 3 rd party with the authority to dictate an agreement -Can be voluntary or compulsive -Will always result in a settlement
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