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Author: Mary Jo McConahay McConahay, Mary Jo. "Habitat for Inanity." The Texas Observer (Sept. 2007). 21 Jan. 2008 <>. Habitat for Inanity McConahay wrote in the first lines, “A Rio Grande fence will separate families, wreck economies, and threaten wildlife, but it won’t stop illegal immigrants” (1), clearly indicating that she denounces the building of a fence in an attempt to deter illegal immigration. The article then goes on to confirm those statements, that residents and civic officials in the Lower Rio Grande Valley feel that a fence would “reverse new economic ebullience, change [the] border culture, and bring down the curtain on rare critters… including some found nowhere else in the world” (2). The call for a fence was spurred on by a recent bill that was “granted in the emotional fog generated by the specter of terrorism” (5), the Real ID Act, that allows a “political appointee, [Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff,]… to ignore requirements of other
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