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COMPUTER SCIENCE (B.S.) College of Engineering and Computer Science School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Harris Corp Engineering Ctr., Rm 246, 407-823-2787; Fax: 407-823-5419 Contacts: Dr. Ali Orooji, E-mail:; Charlese Hilton-Brown, E-mail: Foundation Examination Prior to taking courses beyond basic core requirements, students must pass a foundation exam (COT 3960) which covers problem solving techniques, algorithms, abstraction, proofs, and programming language skills. Tests will be administered each semester. Refer to the computer science website for more information about the founda- tion exam. Degree Requirements ± Students must earn at least a 2.0 in each course in 2-5 ± Students are required to consult with a departmental advisor and file a plan of study after passing the foundation exam ± Students must meet a Residency Requirement of at least 24 semester hours of regularly scheduled 3000-5000 level courses taken from Computer Science at UCF ± 18 of the 24 Residency hours must be at the 4000-5000 level 1. UCF General Education Program (36+3 hrs) A. Communication Foundations 9 hrs 2. Prefer SPC 1016 B. Cultural and Historical Foundations 9 hrs C. Mathematical Foundations 7 hrs 1. Select MAC 2311 (PR: MAC 1114 and MAC 1140) 4 hrs 2. Select STA 2023 3 hrs D. Social Foundations 6 hrs E. Science Foundations 8 hrs 2. Common Program Prerequisites (15 hrs) COP 3223 C Programming 3 hrs MAC 2311 Calculus with Analytic Geom I GEP MAC 2312 Calculus with Analytic Geom II 4 hrs GEP 4 hrs
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computer_science - UCF Degree Programs COMPUTER SCIENCE...

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