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Unformatted text preview: Pre-Class: Week 04 Key Words: Callaway : Umuntu , Unkulunkulu , Snakes , Diviners , Inyanga, Impemp(white and black) , Heaven doctors Handler : Barbados, Burial 72, slavery , Flint : Witchdoctors , superstitions, tool of imperialism , healers , Inyanga, Urbanization Summaries: Livingston: How the social life and daily lives were divided by characteristics. It explains how every day elements had different effect in the health and social way of life. Callaway : We are broadly explained how the culture of the tribes commenced as the first man. The Unkulunkulu, or the old old one, most ancient man, has created traditions in the tribe and how the people behave in daily live, from looking for cattle, to reacting to infections. They follow a set of beliefs and rituals that are based on faith from generation to generation, specially focusing on the way the father teaches his own son. We can see this as when one of the two dies, the other has to way the father teaches his own son....
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