13455130 - lllll lllllllllllllllllllllllll reference AMMER,...

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Unformatted text preview: lllll lllllllllllllllllllllllll reference AMMER, CHRISTINE. The Facts On File Dictionary of Music. Facts On File. 2004. 495p. Illus. blhliog. iodox. ISBN 0-8160- 5266-2. $50. REF Professional lexicographer Ammer (The A to Z (ff-Foreign Musicallénru) has added a sig— nificant volume to the list of concise hard— cover dictionaries of music and musicians that have appeared in the past five years. Featuring entries for 3000 musical terms and topics (e.g.. a capella: masque; 20th— century music), 250 illustrations. and a friendly' easy—touread style. the book com— pares favorably with The Howard Concise Dictionary of Music and Mnsr'n‘or-rs (1999) as well as The Hutchinson Concise Dictionary of Music (1999). It includes such nice touches as lists of famous ballets. waltzes. sym— “I'm DicrioNARY Mr M UN Hm . t -' "' - ’ ' Tl 6,.COLUIJlBId Gl‘anGEF’S'WOI‘LD 0F POETI'Y no»! auntn'l comm | Mama I III-unoan |‘ oiomn | nu t unanimous-n. uni-.2 IIquth l... I'H‘JEH lumu Ila-m- ml -Iw- lll"'l)1'|fll'| m cow-[J nun-M s'mm- on lollll p counuun-III-n- Inn ./ a“ beast. Some of the very qualities that make it dynamic and appealing also make it a challenge, even to native speakers. This charming volume does an admirable job of addressing these challenges and giving readers helpful guidance on style and use. Covering over 3000 points of word mean— ing. spelling, punctuation. graunnar. and style. the alphabetically arranged entries often include references to resources where the information was found. Australian— horn Peters (linguistics,Macquarie Urdu), who has authored several books ori Eng- lish usage, including The Cambridge- Ans- tmlion English Style Guide, has taken pains to make sure that readers can find what they seek—references to alternate spellings and cross references to related topics sim— u..:"..'.2'.".’.'.ll l Unwr- Flo-JIM fie-(«un- uaubt i I] ' ('9‘ Referencing the arts. on page or on screen. from music to poetry phonics. etc. phonetic pronunciations for composers and foreign terms (not found in the Harvard dictionary). and an index of composers for whom biographical sketches are suppliedThere are a few caveats, how— ever. The book costs $15 more than the Harvard dictionary and contains fewer bi— ographical sketches. It also lacks the kind of technical detail found in the Harvard dic— rionary. One example is the lack of figured bass inversion numbers in some ofthe mu- sical examples that clearly use inverted chords. Bottom Line While less than ideal for serious academic collections. this strong reference would make a wonderful. addition to all school libraries. It would also make an ideal for the aspiring musician—James E. Parana. Mount Union (loll.l Alliance. OH The Cambridge Guide to English Usage. 2004. c.609p. d. by Pam Peters. bibliog. ISBN 0-521-62181-1. $35. no The English language can be an enigmatic 96 I LIBRARY JOURNAL l]UNE15.200-$ ply aboundThe text includes appendixes with helpful content. such as the phonetic symbols and proofi-eading marks. Oddly.it also includes appendixes such as a perpet- ual calendar and geological eras. which do not seem to be exactly on topic. Bottom Line That the author is Australian makes this text refreshing. as so many books on English-language usage are written with an American or British sensibility. The book will be well received by academics and stu~ dents. as well as those who love the lan— guage and have fun with its idiosyncrasies. For all libraries.—Manya Chylinslti. Boston Essential Atlas of Botany. Barron's Educational. 2004. 9613. tr. from Spanish by Eric A. Bye. illus. index. ISBN 0-1841- 2109-8. pap. $10.95. no This translation of a Spanish atlas is a crammer for high schoolers—a book with countless full—color illustrations on every page (including diagrams and charts), lit- tle text (fewer then 50 entries}. and some botanical factoids sprinkled throughout. It includes a table of contents in the usual place and one that runs along right—page margins, provided. one guesses. to help bring the student's wandering attention back to the task at hand. It is a guide, in short, for those who would rather be do— ing something other than studying botany. Not surprisingly, in a quick study like this, there are omissions—like a glossary or a more detailed subject index; coverage of the subject itself is adequate. More trou— bling are the many sloppy errors: under .1 picture of hunnningbirds. for example. a caption explains how fruit-eating birds aid in seed dispersal; under a picture of an iris we read ofthe more than 20.000 types of orchids in the world; elsewhere. we read that the yucca is a plant“that reaches 50 to 60 feet in height" and that arboriculture is the “cultivation of fruit trees." These mis— takes that an otherwise useful book. Bot- tom Line Although this heavily illustrated reference is intended for classrooms and school libraries. young readers would be better served by the Win-id Boole or DK’s Plant and more advanced students by Kingley Stern's Introductory Plant Biology.— Robert Eagan. Windsor P.l... on. Hudson. MAURICE. The Pianlst‘s Dictionary. Indiana 0an. Jul. 2004. c.1609. bibliog. ISBN 0-253-34405-0. $39.95: pap. ISBN 0-253-21682-6. $19.95. err in this music dictionary, piano teacher Hinson (emeritus. Southern BaptistTheo— logical Seminary; Guide to the Pimn‘srs Repertoire) relies on his 60 years of experi— ence to provide practical information . about the piano. Arranged alphabetically. the nearly 2000 entries provide definitions of musical terms. thumbnail sketches of important composers and compositions. piano manufacturers, and even names of some teachers. Accompanied by illustra- tions and brief musical examples. the en- tries cover the subject from around 1700 to the present day. Although the discussions ofcomposers and their works seem highly opinionated, much ofthe writing is simple. if not simpleminded, and contrary to the aim of both the author and the publisher will not be helpful to university—level pi— anists. Although the book covers a wide range of subject matter, which makes it nearly comprehensive in scope. the defini- | see u ARCHIVES, news. mo nuns or www.msaaormuauatcon Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elseyier, Inc. All Rights Resenred. |Copyright of Library Journal is the property of Reed Business Information and its content may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listsenr without the copyright holder's express written permission. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. ...
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13455130 - lllll lllllllllllllllllllllllll reference AMMER,...

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