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ECO 1311 (Sections 3 and 11) Professor Carol Dickson-Carr * Room 302 ULEE Review Sheet for 11/30/07 There will be 30 multiple choice and 8 T/F questions (36 possible but 2 floating bonus questions). Don’t forget: Bring your calculators (not cell phones) and a #2 pencil The moment I say pencils down, the TA and I will pick up your exams with no exceptions, so pace yourself (if you get stuck, then move on and come back to it), Put the answers on the scantron FIRST. We won’t wait around for you to do it. If you have clarifying questions during the exam, you’ll need to come to me rather than the other way around. Put your ID on the scantron sheet in addition to the test version and your name Those of you eligible for extra time, be sure to schedule your appointment at the testing center no later than 11/28, preferably earlier! Most Important Tip: DON’T CRAM! And remember to breathe. The test covers chapters… 10 (just oligopoly—concentration ratio calculation, cartel and kinked demand theory and the assumptions of oligopoly), 12 (all of it, but see below for focus areas) , 13 (just the monopsony material we covered in class), and 16 (just externality material covered right before break) Study strategy: After I go over review/sample problems in class, try timing yourself on how long it takes to do a similar version of that problem that you create on your own. Be leery of choices that say “always” or “never.” Also read the question carefully remembering that there’s a difference between a market demand and
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Eco1311-ReviewSheet3Dickson-Carr - ECO 1311(Sections 3 and...

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