Arch 1�Lectures 1 and 2

Arch 1â��Lectures 1 and 2 - (straight • Voussoir...

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Arch 1—Lecture 1 No Notes Arch 1—Lecture 2 Notes BACKGROUND INFO 3 Principles of Architecture Vitruvius—first one to say all arch contained 3 things o Firmitas (firmness)—buildings must stand up Structure Usually hidden 20 th  century it becomes more visible most important aspect must defy gravity foundation is essential buildings change over time—supposed to! o Utilitas (commodity)—buildings must have a function Function Built around its purpose The shape of the building comes from its function  and the machines within it o Venustas (delight)—buildings must delight in some way Delight on purpose or by accident? Should the builder be concerned with this? Building Techniques Stone on stone Mud on mud
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o Continuously changing due to weather Concrete o Modern version of mud o Re-enforced with iron rods Lintel     —holds up the wall above an opening such as a door or window 
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Unformatted text preview: (straight) • Voussoir —arch of angled stones that holds up the wall above an opening • Relieving arch —channels the load of the wall to the sides of the opening so it is not pressing on the lintel • Corbelling —stacked masonry with one course projecting beyond one below • Barrel-vault —arches lined up one after another; arch stretched into 3D; buttresses pick up sideways thrust • Dome —arch rotated 360 degrees; more difficult than barrel-vault because sideways thrust goes in all directions • Balloon framing —the frame can be seen and the spaces between the frame are filed with available material; all parts of the frame are working together; 2 floors built at once • Platform framing —easier to construct, less warping; floors are built one by one...
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Arch 1â��Lectures 1 and 2 - (straight • Voussoir...

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