GEB Chapter 1 Outline

GEB Chapter 1 Outline - Dritan Xhoxhi 6993-9339 Section...

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Dritan Xhoxhi 6993-9339 Section 9223 Tuesday September 2, 2008 Chapter 1 Outline I was not surprised by the information I encountered after reading the first few pages of the chapter, because it re-affirmed what Dr. Barnes repeatedly told us in class, that every professional employee in a company, especially those in entry level positions, need to have good communication skills to acquire promotions. Employees must be able to communicate efficiently whether in writing a memo or e-mail or giving a speech. I know from experience the significance of good writing, because I was denied acceptance from one of my preferred colleges, despite having excellent credentials due to my essays being too “generic” and not very personal or persuasive. As the chapter would concur, my poor correspondence created negative goodwill between the admissions committee and me, particularly through vague writing, and poor brainstorming. If I had writing my essay to a more appropriate audience, I may have been accepted to my preferred institution. Two weeks ago, a friend criticized me for not writing in the subject line of an e- mail I sent him, and after reading this chapter, I learned it is very important to grab the attention of your audience by writing a catchy phrase in the subject line. I also learned I should never send angry e-mails, because most e-mail is not private and I should put good news and the main point or question at the beginning or the subject line of the e- mail. Lastly, all e-mails should have accurate, clear and complete information in order to be informative, save time and build goodwill. Chapter 3 Outline
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GEB Chapter 1 Outline - Dritan Xhoxhi 6993-9339 Section...

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