GEB Chapter 4 Outline

GEB Chapter 4 Outline - Dritan Xhoxhi 6993-9339 Section...

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Dritan Xhoxhi 6993-9339 Section 9223 Tuesday September 16, 2008 Chapter 4 Outline This chapter re-affirmed many of the concepts I learned during the first three weeks of business writing. It is important to use active voice, which means I have to let the verbs, not the nouns carry the weight in my sentences. Furthermore, the tighter my writing is, the better, and I should try to eliminate unnecessary adjectives, because they bore the reader with unnecessary details. Furthermore, compounding sentences can be a useful tool because in eliminates unnecessary words, while making the writing sound more sophisticated with more sharp ideas. Also, transitions are important and eliminating words which say nothing is also crucial because both keep the reader entertained upon the writing. Furthermore, it is necessary to keep the subject and the verb closely together in order to reduce the length of sentences and promote maximum readability. Although I knew almost all of the previous concepts, I was unaware of these next key points of business writing. I did not know business writing should be friendly and informal, rather I had the impression that it was administrative style concerned more with
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GEB Chapter 4 Outline - Dritan Xhoxhi 6993-9339 Section...

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