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Dritan Xhoxhi 6993-9339 October 7, 2008 Chapter 5 Outline Chapter 5 discusses planning, composing and revising a message. Daniel Zevchik, the consultant at the beginning of the chapter spends approximately a third of his time planning the messages. I spend about the same amount, and believe planning is the most important part of the entire writing process. It’s important to define my purpose and analyze my audience, while thinking of the important information to put in my message. Writing is easy, but revising can also be difficult. It’s crucial to receive feedback from another person, and adding, substituting or rearranging text in order to make the massage sound good is also very important. Editing is the process of making changes that make the document grammatically correct. For me this is easy, and I always do it after I have finished writing a per or document, however most people may want someone else to do this, because it will bring a new set of eyes upon the document, and mistakes which the writer could not pick up
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