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434ex-ch0 - IT3031 Communication Systems Midterm Exam Date...

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IT3031: Communication Systems Midterm Exam Date: April 24, 2008 1. Compare the difference between ‘telecommunication’ and ‘data communication.’ (5 pts) ANS: Telecommunication contains telephony, telegraphy and television which use analog or digital transmission. Data communication is the subset of telecommunication which use digital transmission. 2. Compare the difference between ‘analog’ and ‘digit.’ (5 pts) ANS: analog is transmission with continues signal and digital is presented by discrete signal. 3. Illustrate the topology of mesh, star, bus, and ring. Compare the merits and demerits of them. (10 pts) ANS: (1) mesh: advantage: use of dedicated links, robust, privacy or security, point-to-point makes fault isolation easy. disadvantage: related to the amount of cabling and the number of I/O ports, installation and recon- nection are difficult, sheer bulk of the wiring can be greater than the available space can accommodate.
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