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DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS – 3 POINTS CUGS EXAM – 2004-06-10–24 (Take-Home Examination) Instructions This take-home examination corresponds to the 3 points of the CUGS PhD course “Distributed Systems” and should be completed individually – please contact Petru Eles or Sten F. Andler if you have questions. You must select four (4) questions from each of the two parts, for a total of eight (8) questions. Please write your answer to each question in essay style in your own words, where each answer must be well substantiated and contain explaining examples where necessary. A recommended form for your essay is to state your conclusion early and then motivate and discuss the conclusion. Indicate references to source material explicitly and clearly mark any direct quotes or paraphrasing 1 . The maximum size of each answer is ONE PAGE using this document to fill in the answers in the spaces provided. Please do NOT remove any of the questions that you do not answer. Please use spell checker and grammar checker before submitting your take-home examination. Please use Harvard referencing style and headers of level 3 or higher (as the questions are at level 2) to structure your answer in the space provided. Save the file as your login name and date, e.g., stean_2004-06-23.doc. Submit the electronic version to sten.f.andler@ida.his.se no later than midnight on June 23, 2004, and mail a signed paper copy to Anne Moe the same day. Each answer will be graded with 0–10 points, for a maximum score of 80 points, or 40 points on each part. To interpret the score, consider 9 to be excellent, 7 very good, 5 satisfactory, 3 marginal, and 1 to be poor. To pass this examination, you must score at least 20 points (an average score of 5) on each of the two parts. To receive a high mark, give an answer demonstrating in-depth understanding by clearly
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