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Birdie 3) Regionalism vs. Globalization –The Great Divide? The development of Regional Bloc’s is as old as trade itself. The EU is started off as one of these trade blocs in 1958, then known as the European Economic Community (EEC) with six member states—Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Italy and West Germany. The major aim of the EEC was to serve as a counter-weight to the superpowers of that time (USA and USSR); and thus in effect bring about a more multi-polar global political system. Fast forward a few years and the world increasingly begins to feel the development of the information age; with the Internet, international money markets and the Electronic Herd (Friedman) and suddenly the walls of the Cold War ere come tumbling down, the era known as ‘globalization’ comes to be characterized by speed, innovation and rapid progress not to mention connectivity. Where does regionalism fit into this new world order you ask? Regionalism, by its very definition, points to a certain degree of exclusivity amongst member countries that can enjoy certain benefits non-members are not privy to. In such regional trading agreements such as the EU (it’s much more than that now) ,individual members it is felt are unable to act upon the world stage as single entities and are instead inextricably tied down to a certain degree to their particular trading bloc. How then is globalization possible, how can the all-important connections be made? Well, for one, today each country isn’t tied down to one regional trade agreement (RTA), in fact each has a multiplicity of regional agreements, with a multiplicity of differing economies thus today we
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GEOG10-MIDTERM2 - 1 Birdie 3 Re gi ona li sm vs G lob al iz...

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