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atoc1050,ch7 - true flow will be slower than the...

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Atoc ch. 7 Sheet Force Imbalances Convergence: Air is said to converge whenever the flow of air is such that the mass of air in the air column increases with time. Convergence within an air column is always associated with increasing air pressure, since the mass/unit area of weight of the air column, will increase with time Divergence: It is the opposite of convergence and is always associated with decreasing air pressure for the same reason that convergence is associated with increasing air pressure. Gradient Wind Balance: This is when an air parcel orbits a low pressure center in a manner such that the flow remains parallel to the isobars. NOTE: In cyclonically curved flow (counter-clockwise) in the Northern Hemisphere, the
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Unformatted text preview: true flow will be slower than the geostrophic value NOTE: With a true flow around the high pressure center, the true flow will be faster than its geostrophic value The Curvature Effect: Is one of the important mechanisms by which low and high pressure centers can be created in the atmosphere FRICTION FORCE Friction always acts to turn the wind such that the flow has a component from higher pressure to lower pressure Diabatic Processes: Processes that involve the transfer of heat enegery and are very important to the creation of hurricanes and cold waves and significantly influence the intensity of extratropical cyclones and high-pressure systems....
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  • Fall '06
  • Tropical cyclone, air column, true flow, Force Imbalances Convergence, air column increases, geostrophic value NOTE

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