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ANATOMY OF PUBLIC OPINION A. What is public opinion? B. Characteristics of public opinion 1. Direction 2. Intensity 3. Stability 4. Latency 5. Salience C. Political socialization 1. Family 2. School 3. Churches/Religion 4. Secondary sources D. Measuring public opinion 1. Random samples 2. Biased/ unscientific roles 3. Exit poles 4. Tracking polls (Gallup’s daily presidential election tracking poll) E. Leaders and followers 1. Term limits 2. E.R.A. WHO ARE THE MEDIA? A. Print media 1. Newspapers: Elite press (N.Y. Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal) 2. Newspaper History in a nutshell (see PP.P. 187-190 3. 4. Books B. Broadcasting and its regulation role of federal communication is broadcasting the “step child of the first amendment?” C. New media: Is the internet a mixed blessing? D. The problem of media bias: values of journalists and the American public compared by scholars, others. E. What is news in the contemporary media marketplace?
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