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Women Studies Final Study Guide

Women Studies Final Study Guide - Women Studies Final Study...

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Women Studies Final Study Guide Mind the Gap, CR Sex Discrimination in Maquiladoras by Human Rights Watch GK 467-468 Pregnancy tests as a prerequisite for job applications Poor treatment of pregnant workers Export processing zone “absence of pregnancy has become a condition of employment in most of the factories in the zone, the maquiladoras, which employ a total of half a million workers, 70 percent of whom are women, and earn the Mexican state $20 million in export income” pregnant women are too expensive for the company against Mexican law to discriminate “historical, many women applicants not enrolled in Mexican social security have sought employment after learning of their pregnancies, took advantage of company-funded maternity benefits, and ended their employment after the benefits ran out… women seeking maternity benefits which social security would not provide.” Wouldn’t transfer pregnant women to more suitable jobs Pressure pregnant women to resign and lose rights Pregnant workers have been bullied, forced to work night shifts, or given heavier work One woman was not allowed to go to the hospital and miscarried, eventually had her fallopian tubes tied so that she wouldn’t have anymore problems “most of the 2,100 maquiladoras systematically violate women’s fundamental rights, while the Mexican authorities turn a blind eye” Barbie and the World Economy by Rone Tempest GK 363-368 Barbie doll at Toys-R-Us $9.99 Made in China “between China and the United States today: the growing lopsided trade deficit in favor of Beijing” “complicated international trade rules that define a product’s point of origin, China is charged with an export value of $2 by the time the doll reaches the US” at least $1 profit for Mattel oil refined down to ethylene from Saudi Arabia, Taiwan turns the ethylene into vinyl plastic pellets, japan supplies the hair, US packaging, Hong Kong manages everything--- china is stuck with the bill US and China disagree about what china’s deficit is, two main errors-“commerce department’s failure to factor in the role of Hong Kong as a critical entrepot, or middleman trade port, for both exports from China to the United States and exports from the US to China” Hong Kong sorta not really part of China, lot of autonomy Barbie has never been made in US (used to be made in Japan) As Japan and Taiwan’s economies advanced they replaced the US and Europe as suppliers of plastic reisin According to HK machinery and tools are imported from Japan, Europe, and the US
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Materials used to make Barbie are shipped through HK before being trucked into China China really only supplies labor, space and electricity, china does not get the benefit of banking, insurance or shipping (all done in HK)
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