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Earth System Notes� - Earth System Notes CHAPTER 1...

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Earth System Notes… CHAPTER 1: GLOBAL CHANGE Introduction Anthropogenic- human induced Greenhouse gases- absorb outgoing infrared radiation- radiant heat- and reradiating some of it back toward the surface Some GHG are natural- water vapor- some are partly or wholly anthropogenic- CO2 Ozone layer- chemically distinct region within the stratosphere, protects earth from sun’s ultraviolet radiation Evidence of past climates has come from cores drilled into sediments on the ocean floor (sediments are layers of unconsolidated material that is transported by water or air). This evidence indicates that we are in the midst of a relatively short interglacial period (a war interval marked by the retreat of Northern Hemisphere ice sheets) in between glacial periods (cold intervals marked by the buildup of these ice sheets). Earth system is composed of 4 parts- atmosphere, hydrosphere, biota, and the sold earth Example of a forcing is the variation in the amount of sunlight received in each hemisphere during the course of a year. The response to this forcing, which is governed by the interaction between the atmosphere and the hydrosphere, is the seasonal cycle of summer and winter
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Earth System Notes� - Earth System Notes CHAPTER 1...

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