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market condition - spaces most other vehicles cant fit in...

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The market condition for the smart car has completly changed in the last 10 years. The smart car has become increasingly popular as more people jump on the green bandwagon than ever before. Rising fuel cost and a weakening ecomony has led consumers to inquire or purchase more cost effective and eco friendly vehicles. Stuides have shown that smart and hybrid car purchases have increased by 70% in the last decade! Smart cars hit the market in Europe first and were very popular because the smart car is fuel effieicient and is small enough to fit in parking
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Unformatted text preview: spaces most other vehicles cant fit in. The size of the vehicle was actually a concern in the United States. But the smart car driving next to a huge hummer is no ones conern except the hummer killing our planet by contributing to global warming.The smart car has one of the lowest carbon foot prints in the automobile world. The market for this 100% recyclable car could never be better and in the next comming years sales are only going to increase as more people and our government try to help our enviornment....
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