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239 Professor Badham revised 5/12/09 Page 1 of 3 239 SCENE ANALYSIS WORKSHEET FOR DIRECTORS NAME___________________________ DATE____________ SCENE______________________________________________ 1. At the end of this scene, what is different from the beginning? Tess has met Katherine and understood what kind of a woman she is. At the end, she is more relaxed and determined to prove her worth to Katherine as ever. 2. Based on how you answered the first question, what dramatic reason did the screenwriter have for putting scene here? (What would we miss if the scene were not in the film?) It defines Katherine Parker and Tess in very broad strokes. The scene gives us a glimpse of who Katherine Parker is by showing the tough, professional nature that Tess strives to be. At the very end of it, we are given a very definitive look into who Tess wants to become. 3. What events happened before this scene began that have impact on this scene now? (Refer to the feature-length screenplay to answer this question) A large part of Tess’s backstory precede this scene explains what her desires and wants are in this scene. As a thirty-year-old ‘working girl’ from Staten Island, she finds that her ambitions at her age have gone unfulfilled. She has recently quit after being set up as nothing more than a sexual plaything next for her boss. Tess’s ambition to impress Katherine runs high in this scene, and the anxiety she
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Working Girl - 239ProfessorBadhamrevised10/9/08Page 1 of 4...

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