4 pin for power

4 pin for power - Red gaffe means 500 T On the side of the...

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4 pin for power 3 pin for sound Test because the film feeds at least two perforations Coaxial mag 16SR use displacement mags Use displacement mag for handheld because it is more evenly distributed; nice and compact; Can be loud Super 16 vs. 16mm Super 16- One perforation; the actual screen aspect ratio is larger; bleeds into the second perf where the audio track would go; cannot straight to 35mm; have to go through a DI process Super 35- Have to go through a DI process 16mm- Double perforation (only really in animation) Tape down doors on Arri 16SR; to prevent sun from filtering through or being opened
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Unformatted text preview: Red gaffe means 500 T On the side of the Mag; put down date of exposed; production name; director’s name; loader initials; roll number; serial code of mag number; Mag number is either serial number; specifically designed for problems with Mag When you run mag at different speeds; expect every piece of film on Mag New AC should check front or back; second AC should have cleaned camera Take an orange wood stick and scrape along all metal parts; any type of residue is detrimental If you spray air onto the mirror, it will freeze, and crack the camera...
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