ch_11 vocab - bleed bulk discounts business magazines when...

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bleed when dark or colored background of ad extends to edge of page bulk discounts offer advertisers decreasing rates as they use more inches business magazines largest category; target business readers; include "trade publications" for retailers, wholesalers, and other distributors; "business" and "indust. magazines" for businessppl involved in manufacturing services; and "professional journals" for lawyers, physicians, architects, and other professionals cash discounts find p. 305 circulation audit thorough analysis of circulation procedures, outlets of distrib., readers and other factors classified ads provide a community marketplace for goods, services, and opportunities of every type (i.e. real estate, new-car sales, employment/business opportunities) classified display ads run in classified section of newspaper but feature larger type and/or photos, art borders, sometimes color closing date date all ad material must be in publisher's hands for a spec. issue column inch (SAU) 2 16 inches deep by 1 inch deep combination rate special newspaper advertising rates offered for placing given ad in (1) morning and evening editions of newspaper; (2) two or more newspapers owned by same publisher; or (3) two or more newspapers affiliated in syndicate or newspaper group consumer magazines purchased for entertainment, info., or both, are edited for consumers who buy prods. for their own personal consumption contract rates local advertisers can obtain discounts up to 70% by signing contract for freq. or bulk space purchases controlled circulation publisher mails mag. free to individs who publisher thinks can
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influence purchase of advertised prods. cooperative (or co-op) advertising cost per thousand (CPM) dividing full=page rate by number of thousands of subscribers; CPM = Page rate ÷ (Circulation ÷ by 1,000) cover date date printed on cover cover position
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ch_11 vocab - bleed bulk discounts business magazines when...

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