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1. Networks a. Two Categories i. LAN - Local Area Network – Uses cables, radio waves, infrared signals to link computers within a small geographic area such as a building or group of buildings. ii. WAN – Wide Area Network – Uses long-distance transmission media to link computers separated by a few miles or even thousands of miles. 1. Internet is the largest WAN – connects millions of LANs all over the globe. b. Key Terms 1. Network – A group of two or more computer systems linked together to exchange data and share resources. 2. Communications devices – computers, modems, switches, NICs that transform data from analog to digital signals and back again. 3. Workstation (Clients plural)– Term for a computer that is connected to a network
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Node – Any workstation or peripheral such as a printer, that’s connected to the network. Each has a unique name visible to users as a unique numeric network address. 5. NIC – Network Interface Card – Expansion boards that fit into a computer’s expansion slot and provide electronic connection between a computer and network. 6. Router – Used to connect two or more LANs or WANs. Capable of determining the best path to route data and locate alternative pathways so that data reaches its destination. 7. File server – A high-capacity, high-speed computer with a large hard disk....
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