Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 - Internet 1. Internet - What it is...

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Chapter 2 - Internet 1. Internet - What it is a. Total information on Web doubles each year. b. Originally intended for academic and government file sharing and communication c. More then 70 percent of US residents use the Internet d. Digitized data i. Created and consumed ii. First democratic mass medium available for use by anyone 2. How it works a. Every connected computer can exchange data b. Maintained by corporations, universities, and service providers c. Allows operation of remote computers from another computer by sending commands d. Enables computers that don’t work well together to access each other (Mac and PC). 3. Connecting a. Needs: Internet account from ISP and method of connecting. b. No different between ISP and online service (MSN or AOL). Most have now become ISP’s to keep customers. c. ISPs distribute software that runs on computers, makes connections, and guides them through content. i. Responsibilities 1. Providing and maintaining connection to the Internet 2. Support hardware and software needed to service connections. 3. Protect site and network from external threats. 4. 24 hour customer service and support d. Dial-up Access i. Requires modem and telephone line. ii. Most affordable but slower e. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) i. High speed access in most urban areas with permanent online connection ii. Service limited to few miles from a telephone switching station or central office (CO). iii. More expensive then dial-up f. Cable and satellite access i. Satellites require phone line and modem for uploads ii. Same price as DSL g. Network access i. Available at some companies and most universities ii. Performance dependent on how many users are accessing Internet at the
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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 - Internet 1. Internet - What it is...

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